Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve installed Pinoculars and added my Pinterest tag ID. Why can’t I see any stats? Pinterest can take several hours to display collected data. If you’ve waited and still don’t see anything, you can check if the tag is firing. To check if tracking is working, go to and click […]

How to See Your Pinterest Ads’ Conversions

You’ve been collecting conversion data and now you want to use it. This guide will show you where to find it and how to display your data. Head over to your Pinterest ads dashboard at You’ll see a couple types of campaigns. Click the “View all” button next to […]

Retargeting Strategies with Promoted Pins

It’s time to make use of all that beautiful data that you’ve been collecting. Let’s retarget Pinterest users by showing them promoted pins. Each example will start with a blank audience. If you’re not sure how to make an audience and add filters, check out our guide on how to make […]

How to Find a WooCommerce Variation ID

Wondering where your WooCommerce variation ID is? Head over to your WordPress admin panel. Go to your list of WooCommerce products by clicking on ‘Products’ from the sidebar. You’ll see a list of all your products. Click on the product you want to find the variation id of. This will bring […]

The Complete List of Pinoculars Events & Subkeys

Here’s a list of ALL the events and subkeys available for audience creation. This list is for both WordPress and Shopify. Features that only apply to one or the other are marked off. Not sure how to use these? Check out our guide on audience creation. Available Events AddToCart Checkout […]

How to Make Pinterest Audiences with Pinoculars

So you have Pinoculars setup. Data is coming in. You want to start making audiences for your promoted pins. Easy. Step #1: Start an Audience Head over to and click the big red “Create Audience Button” seen in Box #1. Select “Visitors who went to your site” in Box #2. […]

Choosing Shopify Options

You can choose what data you’d like to send back to Pinterest. These options are available in your settings found in the Pinoculars app from the Apps menu. Here are your options with a description of their functionality: 1. Enable All Tracking This enables all Pinterest tracking events including the base code. […]


A 5 minute guide to getting Pinoculars up and running. Step 1: Install & Approve Head over to the Shopify App store and select the big green ‘Get’ button. Select the blue ‘Install app button’ to proceed to the order summary. Select ‘Confirm My Plan’ and then verify the charges with Shopify when […]

How to Track Leads

Pinoculars can track people who show interest in your product or service as leads. Once setup, the “lead” event with “lead_type” data will be sent to Pinterest. To start tracking, there are 2 things you need to do. 1. Enable tracking on the desired page or post Every page, post and custom post (such as Woo products or EDD […]